Minimum numbers

Individuals are welcome to book, but we need a minimum of only 2 total bookings to operate. Ski The Tasman ex-Queenstown requires a minimum of 4 people, rates for smaller groups is available on application.

When should I book?

We recommended booking 3-4 weeks in advance for Ski The Tasman in August (our peak month). At other times at least 3 to 4 days advance booking is recommended.

Cancellation Policy

Please see the cancellation policy detailed on our Terms and Conditions of booking.

Children. Are there age restrictions, or a minimum age?

Ski The Tasman is family-friendly, but glacier skiing can be beyond younger children. The minimum age is 10 years, and is dependent on the child's ability. Supervising adults must be prepared to ski at the pace of their children.

What if the weather turns bad?

Ski The Tasman operates only in "fine weather". There is no booking fee if we cannot operate due to poor weather. Any pre-payments will be fully refunded.

Fine weather means high visibility and light to moderate wind. On average we operate 4 days per week.

The decision to operate (or not) is made by around 07:15 to 07:30 each day. However, if you stay in Mt Cook Village we can take advantage of late weather clearances, and start later.

New Zealand has a temperate maritime climate, and very changeable weather patterns. We encourage you to have flexibility in your plans. We can "carry over" bookings to the following day if requested.

If conditions change and we can only ski one run there will be a refund of NZ$275 per person.


In the unlikely event conditions mean we can only ski one run guests are entitled to a refund of $275 per person. Refunds are not due to guests who elect to shorten the day due to fitness, lack of ability, or injury.